Wednesday, May 8, 2013

the lovely month of april

Picture overload!!
I tried to limit it but I think I failed, and they aren't in order :)
I will try and do a little breakdown about my month....

April was insanely busy!! But so dang awesome, best month so far
Started with a weekend trip to San Fran with Mike and it was an absolute blast, I loved every second of it. It was my first time going and it was everything I hoped for and more. Somewhere I for sure can visit often :)

I then went to Vernal to go visit Chara, its been so long since I have been out there so I thought it was about time. It was such a good weekend! She moves out this month and I cant wait to be closer to her. It gets harder and harder to see each other so it will be a lot nicer having her living closer. We had a fun girls weekend catching up and being lazy. I am so thankful to have her!

I then moved out of my apartment and now live in Holladay. My apartment lease in Salt Lake City was up and I thought it would be fun to move somewhere new and I found an awesome deal with great roommates and I took it. I am in South Jordan so much so I figured I would move somewhat in the middle. I am still getting settled and getting everything set up but so far I love it and obsessed with the location. I am excited for the change!

And then my dad, my little brother and I went to Canada and helped move in my Oma to her new condo. It was such an awesome trip, short but lots of fun. We were with my dads side of the fam all weekend, who we dont really see much, and had a great time with them all. My Oma thought it was time to move out of her house and go to a condo with less maintanence with all her girlfriends. I think it was a smart move and its a nice place for her to be. I love any chance I can get to get up there!

I cant believe its already May, this year is flying by! Things are so good and I am loving life
Excited for a new month!

Monday, March 4, 2013

family time

These last few weeks have been nothing but family!
us girls took a trip to the mall on wednesday and it was lots of fun to catch up and hang out
 then friday night I decided to just go stay the night at my parents and it ended up being a party
they took me to thai food friday night which is never a let down and we watched movies and pigged out
saturday morning my mom and I went and got our nails done which is always the best way to end a good week, then we did some shopping
the kids played some football since the weather was so nice, we all loved having the sun out!
I even thought it was time to finally go get a car wash cause I haven't since last summer, it was really exciting. 
Its been lots of fun and I am so excited to have spring on its way!
can't get enough of my fam 

Monday, February 25, 2013

more pictures!

warning....picture overload

I know my blog is just mostly pictures because I blog every 3 months, promise I am trying to work on that. 
And I know no one really checks blogs anymore but I really do enjoy it for myself and keep record of everything. My journal can't do pictures :) 

Welp it is another year started! So crazy! I still can't believe it
Last year started really crapped and ended so awesome. 
Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas were all so fun and busy. 
A lot of time with family, friends, and work parties 
The last 4 months of last year seriously flew by it was nuts
I am so thankful for where last year put me and where I am now

This year has already been off to a great start
Work is going really well and I am still enjoying it
McCall left for her mission to New Mexico
I got a new calling, the bishops assistant...ha 
Stacie had her baby! Olive Jane Murdock, she has been such a dear and we are all obsessed. 
And Mike and I booked our flights to San Fran for April! We are so excited, I have never been and have heard it is absolutely beautiful! 

Life is good and busy!
I really will update more often :) 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

the good life

just another random update on my life...

life has been so good lately
I absolutely love my family, living in Salt Lake, seeing family in Canada, my sisters, my best friends, the beautiful fall weather, my amazing job that I still don't know how I got so lucky with, my roommate who is always serving me, my healthy body,  the beautiful temple in my view every morning...the list goes on. Crazy where life takes you! And crazy how much you find yourself enjoying it all